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bookSee the horrors that the Lines of Listening lead to. Face them, understand them and break the vicious cycle once and for all. No more lies, no more feel-good half measures. Go into it with eyes open and hearts unclouded. Feel what the victims felt. Remember what they face every day of their lives, what follows them in their memories, what waits for them in their nightmares.



ISBN 13 (SOFT): 9781504933742
ISBN 13 (eBook): 9781504933735

Memoir — ‘Lines of Listening,’ shows abusive family history

Joyce K. Gatschenberger exorcizes family’s multi-generational psychotrauma by bringing sordid details to light

HENDERSON, Nev. – Joyce K. Gatschenberger’s memoir, “Lines of Listening” (published by AuthorHouse), graphically details the multigenerational abuse occurring in her family, a great burden accompanying her in life that was coupled with her spouse’s marital betrayal, the effects of which are still being played out today. With her book, Gatschenberger exorcizes and scrutinizes the nightmarish truths she has unearthed in order to understand the collective violence towards children that has happened in her family tree. By doing this, she is able to offer fellow survivors a way out of the vicious cycle of psychotrauma.

Gatschenberger traces her ancestors’ passage from their German homeland through the family’s multigenerational struggle to survive abuse and betrayal. By relating personal accounts of familial interactions, the author verifies and endeavors to explain evil and horrific episodes committed by family members who had vowed to love and protect each other. This book was written to help explain why such events occur and to soften the pain for others when they may encounter such events.

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“I wanted to know why my aunts and family members wouldn’t talk about their past lives. I had questions about my parents’ behavior and their actions toward us children.  There didn’t seem to be any answers to my questions. I also needed to pass on this information to my granddaughter so that she could understand the inner parts of herself that make her tick.” Gatschenberger says, adding that, “abuse has no social boundary or societal strata. It also has no time limit.”

Gatschenberger reaches out to fellow survivors and shows them that they can continue to live productive and precious lives. Her additional message is that when a person is no longer able to practice in their chosen profession due to the stress of the abuse, they can re-create themselves in a new career.