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Except for an author, Joyce K. Walters is a Clinical Health Care Navigator at Hub City Wellness, Henderson, Nevada.

Hub City Wellness offers:

  • Clinical Health Care Navigators
  • Healthcare Educational Resources
  • Affordable Healthcare Act information
  • Healthcare Reform Education
  • Transition of Care Education
  • Healthcare Insurance Exchanges

What Joyce Does:

  • Assist patients recognize healthcare barriers.
  • Actively respond to barriers identified by patient.
  • Support the patient as they navigate through identified barriers towards their goal.
  • Encourage patient to maintain current health status to optimal level.
  • Guide patients through the health care system.
  • Support patients to remain oriented towards identified task.
  • Reevaluate patients needs as process proceeds.

Contact Information

Contact Hub City Wellness:

Joyce K. Walters, R.N.C, M.S
Hub City Wellness
Nevada Clinical Health Care Navigators
Henderson, NV